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The Narrative Toolbox

TNTAfter spotting Prowlers & Paragons (seeĀ previous post) I found TNT (The Narrative Toolbox), which is another really neat narrative-driven RPG from Len Pimentel of LakeSide Games. This one is a simple universal RPG, which also works by having players roll for narrative control of action outcomes. Results range from full Player or GM control to embellishment of the other’s narration. One elegant concept in this game is, bigger villains simply require you to take narrative control multiple times in order to defeat them. Sweet! The system may be a bit too loose for some but there’s a lot to like here and I certainly think I’ll be giving it a try.

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Prowlers & Paragons

Prowlers & ParagonsProwlers & Paragons, by Len Pimentel of LakeSide Games, is a rules-light, narration-driven, four-colour superhero RPG. It primarily works through players rolling for narrative control of action outcomes but it has a degree of mechanical crunch behind it, particularly regarding combat damage. I haven’t given it a try just yet but it seems like it might find a complexity sweet-spot that, for me, many superhero RPGs go beyond. The artwork, by Jerry Gaylord, is also awesome. If you’re interested there’s a free Quickstart version at DriveThruRPG.

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