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Tales from Rhovanion – Session #6

Tales From Rhovanion - Home PageThis is a write-up of the sixth session of our The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild campaign. The adventure is based on the first part of Studio 9′s Caran Gaur campaign (published in the free French RPG Magazine Le Maraudeur). John H played Malaric, Emma S played Grunehild and Ben C played Grimald. This session is from back in August 2013.


Chapter I, Part VI

For the next day and night, the surviving Northmen buried the dead, repaired the damage to the defences and waited anxiously to see if the Wild Wolves and Goblins would return. Thankfully they did not. Scouts reported that the remnants of the Goblin warband had disappeared back into the mountains.

On the second day, after Brohar’s burial, Bronach held a meeting to discuss their situation. It seemed that the Red Warg had departed thinking Brith was dead but it was only a matter of time before the beast discovered the hound was still alive and returned to finish it. If they were to prevent this and protect the village someone had to track the Red Warg back to its lair and kill it.

An unlikely group volunteered for this quest. Malaric, Grunehild and Grimald were joined by Frael, Gerlind, Garivald and Radegund.

The crippled goatherd Frael had a score to settle with the monster and was determined to accompany them to see it through. He left Ailla, Geim and Brith in Amalina’s care and promised to return to them once the task was done. Gerlind was no warrior but her husband and son had both died in the siege and she had nothing left in the village except painful memories. She volunteered because she was desperate to leave. Garivald was a hunter with an adventurous spirit and skills that would be useful. Radegund was a fierce axe-woman who considered it her duty to accompany the Fellowship after what they had done.

Three days after the siege ended, this determined company left Hirtherd and set off westward towards the Misty Mountains.

[COMMENTARY: Fellowship status at this point was: MALARIC 26 of 29 END; GRUNEHILD 24 of 29 END; GRIMALD 16 of 24 END + Wounded + Weary.]

Through much of the first day they climbed up through the foothills following the wide swath of trampled ground that had been left by the retreating Goblin warband. Then the tracks of the Wolf Pack unexpectedly separated from those of the Goblins and Orcs, and looped away from the mountains, turning south-east.

For the next few days, the group tracked the Wolves across the wild rolling hills of the West Anduin Vales. Here and there Grunehild and Garivald found signs of single wolves leaving or joining the group but the main pack maintained a south-eastwardly course.

During the journey, Gerlind asked Grunehild to train her to fight. She did not want to be a burden if there was any combat. From then on, the two women practiced at every opportunity. Gerlind had a lot to learn but she was determined and listened carefully to Grunehild’s instruction.

When Radegund spotted a lone wolf watching them from a nearby hilltop, Grunehild realised that some of the pack had doubled back to shadow them. “And so the hunter becomes the hunted,” she commented.

And yet the Wolves kept their distance, always staying just out of reach. Every so often one would show itself, testing to see if the company would separate, but the Fellowship was wary of one of their number becoming isolated and ensured everyone stayed together.

On the fifth day of the journey, they reached the edge of the Wolfswood, a tangled forest of oak, ash and rowan extending southward to the River Gladden and the marshes of the Gladden Fields. It was rumoured the forest was home to outlaws and exiles but the wolf tracks led within, so the company followed.

In the forest, the Wolves continued trying to separate the group, daring to come closer now that they were in amongst the trees. However, the company continued to resist the temptation to separate.

During their second day in the Wolfswood, the companions encountered four hostile strangers, swarthy men armed with bows and axes. Three of the men attacked the company as soon as they saw them while the fourth ran off through the trees.

The Fellowship quickly despatched the three outlaws but it seemed likely that the fourth man had gone for help. The seven companions hurried onward in the hopes they might avoid further conflict. However, they soon spotted a group of around twenty bandits coming towards them through the forest.

The company hid up in the branches of the trees, hoping that the bandits would pass underneath without discovering them, but instead the larger group halted some distance away, fanned out and waited for them amongst the undergrowth.


MALARIC – Hope: 10 of 13, Shadow: 0, Endurance: 5 of 29END + Weary, Fatigue: 18 (incl. 0 Journey Fatigue);
GRUNEHILD – Hope: 13 of 13, Shadow: 0, Endurance: 3 of 29END + Weary, Fatigue: 18 (incl. 0 Journey Fatigue);
GRIMALD – Hope: 10 of 14, Shadow: 0, Endurance: 4 of 24END + Weary + Wounded, Fatigue: 14 (incl. 0 Journey Fatigue).]

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