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Tales from Rhovanion – Session #2

Tales From Rhovanion - Home PageThis is a write-up of the second session of our The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild campaign. The adventure is based on the first part of Studio 9′s Caran Gaur campaign (published in the free French RPG Magazine Le Maraudeur), though I do increasingly deviate from it. John H played Malaric, Emma S played Grunehild and Ben C played Grimald. This session is from June 2013.


Chapter I, Part II

The village of Hirtherd was a typical Northman settlement consisting of a round fenced enclosure with a central hall, a dozen or so dwellings and pens for goats and sheep. A group of Northmen assembled to meet the small band at the gates. It was normal to treat strangers with caution.

Suddenly a terrible howl came from the hills behind and the Red Warg could be seen on the ridge overlooking the village. Answering howls came from all around.

The Northmen grew troubled and their head-man, Brohar, marched out to angrily confront the goatherd. He demanded to know why his instructions, to stay out of the mountain pastures, had been ignored. “You have brought the beast’s wrath down upon us all,” he reprimanded.

“The creature is evil. It has to be slain,” Frael insisted.

“You are a fool,” Brohar countered. “Frea was my sister and I grieve for her also, but there are others to think of; your children, the rest of the village. We have a responsibility. The path you follow will lead only to doom and destruction.”

Once the head-man had finished with Frael, he turned on the three travellers and demanded to know why they had come. The girl, Ailla, spoke up for them but Brohar remained unconvinced that they were trustworthy and refused to admit them to the village. It was only when Malaric chastised him for his poor hospitality that Brohar reluctantly agreed that they could stay.

In light of his wound, Grimald was taken to the village healer, a woman named Amalina, while Malaric and Grunehild were shown to the household of Rodegar and Ishild. There the Northmen provided them with food and drink, and a place to sleep.

The night passed uneventfully.

[COMMENTARY: Overnight recovery brings the Fellowship up to: GRUNEHILD 29 of 29 END; MALARIC 19 of 29 END; GRIMALD 8 of 24 END + Wounded + Weary.]

The next morning, Malaric and Grunehild got up and set about cutting wood for repairing the village defences. The Beornings had been quick to notice that work was needed if the village was to withstand an attack.

A short while later, Brohar and a group of Northmen marched out and demanded to know what they were doing.

“Cutting wood to patch up your defences,” Malaric stated. “I’ve got nothing better to do today and it seemed like a friendly way to pay for your hospitality. If it’s a problem, we could always not bother.”

Brohar considered for a moment and then asked, “What are you proposing?”

Malaric outlined the work that he and Grunehild felt was needed. Channels where a stream ran under the fence needed blocking and the front gate needed reinforcing. There were also some sections of the enclosure that needed repairing.

Brohar listened thoughtfully. “You have a rough and discourteous way about you Malaric of the Beornings, but your words make sense to me,” he conceded. “Very well, let us do what you suggest.”

Word quickly spread and soon the whole village was helping. Everyone worked hard and by the end of the day much of the planned work had been finished. The villagers’ spirits had noticeably lifted.

[COMMENTARY: A series of extended tests were completed.]

[COMMENTARY: Overnight recovery brought the Fellowship up to: GRUNEHILD 29 of 29 END; MALARIC 26 of 29 END; GRIMALD 10 of 24 END + Wounded + Weary.]

Work continued the next day.

At around mid-morning, a badly injured Northman was spotted staggering towards the gates. He had come from a homestead in the next valley which had been attacked by Goblins.

Much debate ensued. Some of the villagers wanted to go and see if there were survivors but many, including Brohar, felt it was too great a risk. “Let us not be hasty. We are under threat of attack and it is likely they are already dead. We need everyone to defend the village.”

But, in the end, a small group was assembled. Mundovald, Raganhildis and Rodegar joined Malaric, Grunehild and Grimald.

These six headed off into the hills. They reached the homestead by mid-afternoon and found it had been ransacked. The Goblins and the family were gone, but Grimald discovered tracks leading away westward towards the mountains. They followed them.

As the afternoon wore on, the chances of catching the Goblins before nightfall seemed increasingly remote, but they eventually came to a rock outcrop where Goblin sentries could be seen keeping watch. It seemed they had arrived in time to attempt a rescue after all.


MALARIC – Hope: 10 of 13, Shadow: 0, Endurance: 26 of 29END, Fatigue: 18 (incl. 0 Journey Fatigue);
GRUNEHILD – Hope: 13 of 13, Shadow: 0, Endurance: 29 of 29END, Fatigue: 18 (incl. 0 Journey Fatigue);
GRIMALD – Hope: 10 of 14, Shadow: 0, Endurance: 10 of 24END + Weary + Wounded, Fatigue: 14 (incl. 0 Journey Fatigue).]

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