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Mediocre GM – Origin

Sword in StoneI wasn’t always the Mediocre GM… I’ve roleplayed on and off for the last thirty-plus years, but until now I’ve rarely ever done so as a GM. Others were always willing and I never felt I had a particular aptitude for it. But, having been without a regular gaming group since 2005 (except for a short spell in 2008), I finally found some friends who were up for a monthly game, if I GMed. I was desperate, so I took up the challenge and started running The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild. So far, it seems to have gone OK.

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Post Zero

Blog Zero - Spiral NebulaeHello and welcome to my new blog. I’ve started it because my previous blog kind of fizzled out due to infrequency of posting. I feel one of the main reasons for this was that I placed undue emphasis on coming up with substantial posts ‘worthy of posting’. And, in the end, I rarely got around to posting anything at all. I hope that this blog is the solution to that, as I’m going for a bite-sized post format, which should in theory enable me to post less-contentful posts more often.

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