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Tales from Rhovanion – Session #3

Tales From Rhovanion - Session #3The third session summary for our The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild campaign. In which the Fellowship undertake a rescue before racing back to Hirtherd to warn the villagers of an impending attack.

Tales From Rhovanion - Session #3

Grim World

Grim WorldThe Grim World Kickstarter by Boldly Games is a dark fantasy gaming supplement for Dungeon World and Fate Core. I’m particularly interested in the Fate Core Playbooks being developed as part of this kickstarter because I find one of the problems with Fate to be that there are almost too many options. Dungeon World Playbooks are awesome and the Fate Core Playbooks look like they will focus the players by giving them a range of cool choices rather than limitless possibilities.

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Tales from Rhovanion – Session #2

Tales From Rhovanion - Session #2The second session summary of our The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild campaign. In which, Malaric, Grunehild and Grimald, befriend the Northmen of Hirtherd and help them repair their village defences.

Tales From Rhovanion - Session #2

Tales from Rhovanion – Session #1

Tales From Rhovanion - Session #1The first session summary for our The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild campaign. In this session, two Beornings, Malaric and Grunehild, and a Woodman, Grimald, attempt to rescue a goatherd and his two children, who  are being set upon by a pack of Wild Wolves.

Tales From Rhovanion - Session #1

Mediocre GM – Origin

Sword in StoneI wasn’t always the Mediocre GM… I’ve roleplayed on and off for the last thirty-plus years, but until now I’ve rarely ever done so as a GM. Others were always willing and I never felt I had a particular aptitude for it. But, having been without a regular gaming group since 2005 (except for a short spell in 2008), I finally found some friends who were up for a monthly game, if I GMed. I was desperate, so I took up the challenge and started running The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild. So far, it seems to have gone OK.

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Post Zero

Blog Zero - Spiral NebulaeHello and welcome to my new blog. I’ve started it because my previous blog kind of fizzled out due to infrequency of posting. I feel one of the main reasons for this was that I placed undue emphasis on coming up with substantial posts ‘worthy of posting’. And, in the end, I rarely got around to posting anything at all. I hope that this blog is the solution to that, as I’m going for a bite-sized post format, which should in theory enable me to post less-contentful posts more often.

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